Our Centre

A ministry of the Canossian Sisters, LifeSprings Canossian Spirituality Centre aims to provide spiritual support and companionship to those who want to experience and deepen their relationship with God.

LifeSprings is located on a hilltop in the western part of Singapore, facing Bukit Timah Hill and overlooking the Bukit Batok Nature Reserve. Amidst this luscious scenery, the Spirituality Centre, with its spacious ground, provides an ideal setting for reflection, prayer and contemplative silence in land-scarce Singapore.

We have a team of spiritual directors for personal / group accompaniment, prayer workshops or personal growth sessions.

If you wish to ‘come away and rest awhile’ and enjoy basking in the sunshine of God’s love, come to LifeSprings Canossian Spirituality Centre. We can help too if you are going through some particular difficulty and need professional counselling.